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Transactional SMS Service in india

Nowadays Transactional SMS have gained extreme popularity in the recent period. Transactional SMS are extensively used by a number of companies for marketing, promotions, software integration, alerts and other business purposes . SMS Service gives to you an easy and user friendly accessible transactional SMS gateway where user can register their firm and send bulk SMS transactional SMS in an extremely headache free flow.

Sending transactional SMS is now is at your finger tip. SMS Service transactional SMS provider offers transactional SMS service at extremely reasonable low transactional SMS price in India. and also Gives clients and customers instant minute to minute info at the delivery status of their purchase, transaction confirmations, updates on promotional offers, etc with the affordable transactional bulk SMS at 'SMS Service'.

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Take your business venture one step ahead with very easy to use and exciting transactional SMS India facility.
  • NDNC Undertaking

    The TRAI rules are harsh, we need to follow them. But, we have made a little form for you to understand them well. This undertaking will make the TRAI confident on you!

  • Reliable SMS Delivery

    Our gateway is build upon dedicated servers joining multiple sms gateways that provide lighting fast sms delivery. Delivery time – 9 am to 9 pm.

  • Dynamic SMS Gateway

    Our server conjoins multiple SMS gateways that are dynamically picked up to send SMS. This will help our server to be stable and will reduce the load on a single gateway while sending sms.

  • No DND Filters

    Frustrated on sending sms just to Non-DND numbers? Buy our amazing trasactional gateway which allows SMS to be sent on DND numbers too. No promotions please!

  • Static Sender ID

    Sender name matters alot! if you want to send SMS with a 6 alpha customized sender name buy you, then buy transactional bulk sms now!

  • SMS Validity

    Hurray, SGH is so kind to provide unlimited validity to it's users. So now your remaining sms stays in your account for years unless and until you use them.

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